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JSE Top 40 index – Market Price and Capitalization

JSE Top 40 index
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is one of the highly sophisticated stock exchanges in the world. It is a place where stock investors can enter deals with different companies with a mouse click. The exchange offers convenience and accessibility for Africa investors looking for potential opportunities to trade.

Truthfully, the JSE might not be bullish every day, but it offers traders several potential opportunities. The Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSC) South Africa Index has experienced a dip of over 13% within the last 12 months. The dip also contributed to the depreciation of the South African Rand.

Brief about JSE

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange came into existence in 1887 during the South African gold rush. After the first legislation of the financial market in 1947, it joined the World Federation of Exchanges in 1963 before upgrading to the electronic trading system. Today, it has its exchange like other stock exchanges in the world.

The JSE launched an alternative exchange in 2003 for small and medium listings. In 2001, it acquired the South Africa Futures Exchange. Furthermore, the Bond Exchange of South Africa was acquired in 2009. Today, the JSE offers five financial markets, including Financial, equities, bonds, interest rate, and commodity derivatives.

JSE Top 40 Index

The jse top 40 index represents the 40 biggest companies on the Johaburge stock exchange. These companies are ranked based on their market capitalization. Market capitalization represents the total value of the stock of shares of a company. The FTSE JSE shows a reflection of what happens in the stock market as a whole. Although it contains only 40 of the 400 listed shares on the JSE, it covers over 80% of the entire market capitalization of all companies listed on the JSE.

This section will explore some of the jse top 40 index on the South Africa stock exchange.

1. British American Tobacco

The British American Tobacco PLC is a company that comprises other companies that manufacture, sell, and market cigarettes and other tobacco products. It is among the second-largest tobacco company in the world and the top FTSE companies.

It has a solid regional presence across Africa, with demand for its several products on the rise. Nevertheless, the company has experienced drawbacks in the tobacco industry, including the ban of cigarettes in South Africa. The four major selling brands of British Tobacco Company are Pall Mall, Kent, Dunhill, and Lucky Strike. Others include Benson and Hedges, Rothmans, and Kool.

Market Price: 521.52
Market Capitalization: 1,311,060,000,000

2. SABMiller

SABMiller PLC is a multinational brewing and beverage company with headquarter in the United Kingdom. It's the second-largest brewer in the world in terms of revenues and a major bottler of Coca-Cola. It has several brands, including Pilsner Urquell Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Grolsch, Fosters, and Miller Genuine Draft. SABMiller operates in over 75 countries across South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.

3. BHP Billiton

BHP is an international resource company whose principal business lines including mineral exploration and production. These exploration activities include nickel ferroalloys, gold, iron ore, coal, titanium, and copper. Furthermore, it also involves in petroleum exploration and production.

Market Price: 399.33
Market Capitalization: 861,620,000,000

4. MTN Group Limited

MTN provides several ranges of communication services. Its services include business solutions and cellular network access. MTN is a global telecommunication group operating in several African countries and the Middle East.

Market Price: 120.73
Market Capitalization: 235,670,000,000

5. Richemont

Johann Rupert founded Richemont in 1988. It is a luxury goods holding company with various subsidiaries. Richemont deals in designing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling premium watches, jewelry, shotguns, writing instruments, rifles, leather goods, clothing, and accessories. It is listed both on the JSE Securities Exchange and the SIX Swiss Exchange. Richemont brands include Panerai, Alfred Dunhill, Cartier, Mont Blanc, etc.

Market Price: 159.02
Market Capitalization: 849,030,000,000

6. Anglo America

Anglo America is a mining company involved in mining bulk commodities, including copper, manganese, iron ore, diamonds, platinum, and nickel. It indulges in mining operations in Asia, South America, Australia, North America, Europe, and Africa.

Market Price: 587.06
Market Capitalization: 813,040,000,000

7. Naspers

Naspers is a company that operates in the electronic and print industry. It is one of the largest companies in the Johannesburg stock exchange outside the gold industry. More than 90% of its valuation is from the 70% holdings in Prosus NV shares, whereas 30% of its holding is in Tencent. Tencent is a veritable tech giant in the technology industry.

8. Stanbank

Also known as Standard Bank Group Limited, it offers several financial services to clients. Furthermore, it provides services in commercial, corporate, merchant, and personal banking. The commercial services of Standard Bank include property fund management, mutual fund management, an insurance broker, and much more.

Market Price: 2436.53
Market Capitalization: 1,147,790,000,000

9. Vodacom

Vodacom is a telecommunication company that operates a cellular telephone network across several countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

Market Price: 136.49
Market Capitalization: 252,430,000,000

10. Kumba

This company mines and produces iron ore.

Market Price: 632.97
Market Capitalization: 201,460,000,000

11. FirstRand

FirstRand is a financial service provider that offers banking and insurance products to commercial retail, corporate, and the public. Through its several portfolios, it provides customers a whole lot of options to invest in the company. Besides operating in other parts of the world, it operates in South Africa and other African countries.

Market Price: 59.50
Market Capitalization: 341,560,000,000

12. Sasol

Sasol is another oil and gas company in our top jse stocks in 2022. It offers substantial chemical interest with its production facilities located in Asia, North America, Europe, and South Africa. Sasol operates commercial-scale facilities to produce chemicals and coal in South Africa while developing ventures globally to convert natural gas to diesel fuel efficiently.

Market Price: 215
Market Capitalization: 134,560,000,000

13. ABSA

ABSA is a holding company of a banking and financial service group. It provides different retail and corporate banking, financial services through international and local networks.

Market Price: 150.11
Market Capitalization: 128,590,000,000

14. Old Mutual

It's an international long-term savings investment Group that provides asset management, life assurance, and general insurance to customers in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America.

Market Price: 15.46
Market Capitalization: 73,220,000,000

15. Sanlam

This is a financial service group in South Africa. Its subsidiaries provide unit trusts, life insurance, health insurance, retirement annuities, and employee benefits. Furthermore, it also provides risk and investment products to group funds. In addition, it provides short-term insurance, commercial banking, and securities trading.

Market Price: 62.08
Market Capitalization: 139,120,000,000

16. Shoprite

Shoprite is an investment holding company with subsidiaries operating n furniture retailing, produce distribution, property holding industries, and supermarket. The retail chains of Shoprite Holdings Limited include Hyperama, Sentra, Freshmark, OK, Checkers, and Shoprite.

Market Price: 181.23
Market Capitalization: 109,040,000,000

17. Remgro

Remgro is an investment company that invests in medical services, glass products, mining, financial services, wine and spirits, packaging, personal care products, food, and home. The company has investments in Tsb Sugar, Unilever South Africa, Medi-Clinic Corp, RMB Holdings, Rainbow Chicken, FirstRand Bank, and Total South Africa.

Market Price: 116.16
Market Capitalization: 61,610,000,000

18. Nedbank

It's a holding company that offers commercial, personal, merchant, fund management, and corporate banking. It operates internationally through its offices in Isle of Man, London, and associates and subsidiaries in sub-Saharan.

Market Price: 178.73
Market Capitalization: 92,230,000,000

19. Aspen Pharmacare

Aspen is a global supplier of generic and branded pharmaceuticals of nutritional and consumer products in certain areas.

Market Price: 207.85
Market Capitalization: 91,230,000,000

20. Anglo Platinum

Anglo operates in platinum mines. Besides this, it also mines and produces metals such as ruthenium, rhodium, copper, nickel, osmium, cobalt, and iridium.

21. Bidvest

Bidvest is a leading service, trading, and distribution group in South Africa. It operates in electrical products, freight management, print solutions, industrial products, and travel and aviation services. It has a strong presence in the JSE.

Market Price: 191.82
Market Capitalization: 66,140,000,000

22. AngloGold

It acts as a holding company for several companies that explore and mine gold globally. It operates in Tanzania, Australia, Argentina, Mali, the United States, Namibia, and South Africa.

Market Price: 225.57
Market Capitalization: 93,830,000,000

23. Implats Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats)

Like AngloGold, it is also a holding company for a group of companies operating in platinum mining. Furthermore, it also mines, produce, and market metals such as nickel, rhodium, and palladium.

Market Price: 188.34
Market Capitalization: 158,480,000,000

24. Woolworths

Woolworths is a South African-based retail company that operates several chains of retail stores. It offers a different range of beauty, homeware, food, and financial services using its brand name. In addition, it owns homeware and clothing retail stores across a few African countries.

Market Price: 60.80
Market Capitalization: 64,970,000,000

25. Tiger Brands

It manufacturers, processes, and distribute food products, including confectioneries, milling and baking, derivatives, edible oils, and general foods.

26. Mediclinic

Mediclinic is an international private hospital group with operations in the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Namibia, and South Africa.

27. Exxaro

It mines and produces coal with an interest in zinc and titanium mining.

Market Price: 181.65
Market Capitalization: 64,470,000,000

28. Rand Merchant

Rand Merchant (RMB) is an investment holding company with activities in annuity assurance, fund management, merchant banking, property management, pension assurance, life assurance, and fund investment. It holds an investment in financial and insurance services.

29. Intu Properties

Intu is a real estate investment trust that invests in regional shopping centers. It owns and operates retail and mixed-use properties in California.

30. Growthpoint

Growthpoint deals in the real estate industry and owns several industrial, commercial, and retail properties in Austria and South Africa.

31. Discovery Ltd

Discover offers health insurance in the United Kingdom, the United States, and South African. It also provides tax-efficient investment products besides sponsoring science-based wellness.

Market Price: 120.20
Market Capitalization: 79,320,000,000

32. Mondi

Mondi is an integrated packaging and paper company that manufactures packaging paper, office paper, and converted packaging products.

Market Price: 390.90
Market Capitalization: 192,250,000,000

33. Goldfields

Goldfields produces precious metals and mines these metals in Australia, South Africa, and Ghana. The company has precious metals programs in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

Market Price: 123.90
Market Capitalization: 109,930,000,000

34. Steinhoff

It is a holding company for companies that distribute and manufacture household items and timber products throughout Europe and Southern Africa.

35. Assore

Assore deals in the mining industry with a primary interest in metals and minerals. The Group mines and produces manganese, iron ore, ferromanganese, and ferrochrome.

36. Investec

Similar to other banking companies, Investec offers corporate, private, and investment banking. It also provides property trading, trade finance services, asset management, securities trading, and management services.

37. Massmart

It is a holding that distributes and retails general merchandise, liquors, and food to customers throughout Southern Africa. The company operates through five different chains, including CCW, Shield, Game, Makro, and Dion.

38. Imperial

Imperial is a holding company for a group of companies that provide leasing, car rental, motor vehicle retailing, commercial transportation, aviation leasing, logistics, warehousing, banking, and insurance.

39. African Rainbow

The company is a diversified mining company in South Africa that offers low unit cost assets. It also mines platinum group metals, alloys, and manganese ore.

40. Truworths

Truworths is an international company that deals with retailing of jewelry and apparel. It operates in southern Africa through its branded outlets, including Daniel Hechter, Truworths Ladies, Truworths Man, and Inwear.

Market Price: 5,403.00
Market Capitalization: 2,142,060,000,000

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Frequently Asked Question

Is there a minimum amount to invest in Johannesburg Stock Exchange?

Theoretically, there is no minimum amount you need to invest on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Nevertheless, there is a service fee attached to your investment. Therefore, investing R10.000 isn’t the best option since the service fee is more expensive than your investment.

What can you trade on JSE?

You can trade bonds, interest rate derivatives, commodities, and stocks on the JSE. Besides JSE, you can trade these items on AltX. The AltX is an exchange for small and middle cap stocks.

What are the functions of JSE?

The JSE serves several functions, including providing a safe market for selling and buying securities, acting as a link between the public and investors companies. It also encourages short-term investments and promotes new investments.
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